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Hi, I'm Dan Szymczak and I want to help you unlock The Intrinsic Swing that already exists inside you for the game of golf.


A little about me:

I spent most of my adult life as a terrible golfer.  You read that right: I was BAD at golf.   I had the same struggles that a lot of players do.  I picked up the game relatively late, when I was around 27 years old, and I tried to learn how to play on my own.  It didn't go great.  I was reading golf books and I was trying to learn by watching YouTube videos but I had a hard time consistently keeping it under 100.


In 2010, I moved back to my home town of Duluth, MN, and found that I didn't have much time to play anymore.  The little technique I had disappeared quickly and when I played, I played BADLY.  So badly, in fact, that I gave up the game, entirely, never expecting to play again.  I didn't touch my clubs for over 3 years.

In early 2015, a good friend was getting married outside of Atlanta and another, mutual friend called me and suggested I fly down a few days early and bring the clubs.  I decided I could put up with playing poorly for a couple of days and just wanted to hang out on the course, like old times.  I played twice, shot a 97 and a 94-- and I got the bug again.

I came back to the game of golf with a mission: if I was going to play golf again, I knew I'd never be happy struggling to understand how to swing consistently.  I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about the golf swing.  I would get better at golf no matter what it took.


I started studying Rotary Swing Tour (RST) and it was a revelation for me.  I started to understand not just what I needed to do in the swing, but how to do it, too.  Biomechanics, physics, kinematic sequencing-- I ate it all up.  Hundreds of hours of independent study later, I passed my Level 1 Certification Test in April of 2018 and started teaching.

A few years later, in 2020, I was exposed to Dan Martin golf.  Dan's approach to the golf swing with his wonderful training tool The Pro changed the way I thought about and understood the physics of the golf swing.  I knew that there was a better way to teach and I set out to establish my own methodology to help students not just get good at golf, but to understand and feel exactly what they need to do to get better.

I began teaching at Nevada Bob's Golf in Duluth, MN, in the fall of 2018.  By mid-summer of 2022, I had logged nearly 450 hours of teaching time.  It was during that period that The Intrinsic Swing methodology really took form.  Students started often seeing immediate results and I hearing regular feedback from students about playing the best golf of their lives.

The Intrinsic Swing gets its name from the fact that watching someone's golf swing doesn't actually show you what you need to do, just like watching someone throw a ball doesn't help you develop a stronger arm.  The golf swing needs far, far more context than that-- it needs to be felt.  I can help you learn it, feel it, and make you a better golfer.  Come and join me inside!

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